A Poem

I walked down the hall
slower than the worlds slowest turtle
because I was called to the office
At that moment I knew
they where going to make me let the cat out of the bag

Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt cities:
Memphis was the capital of Egypt from 2950 BC to 2180 BC. Historians think that at that time it was the biggest city in the world. The main god of Memphis was Ptah. Ptah is the god of craftsmen.

Ancient Egypt government:
In Ancient Egypt the main leader was called the pharaoh. The pharaoh wasn’t the only one in the government. The leader under the pharaoh was the Vizier. The Vizier was the chief who supervises the land. Under the Viziers’ were the Nomarks. The Nomarks ruled over an area of land called a nome, a nome was like a state.

Ancient Egypt religion:
In old Egypt, there were two kingdoms. lower  and upper Egypt. When both of the kingdoms came together many of the religious beliefs were combined. Over time these beliefs and customs changed.

Ancient Egypt job specialization:
In Ancient Egypt they had farmers, soldiers, priest and Scribes. Scribes were people who learned to read and write. Job specialization is important, because people can focus on their one job and get good at it. This way not everyone has to learn every job.

Ancient Egypt social classes: Ancient Egypt had a system called hierarchy. Hierarchy was a class system, and each person living in Egypt no where they were in the system. They had curtain rights for each class, which is what they can and can’t do.

Ancient Egypt art and architecture:
The Egyptians built pyramids made of lime stone. These pyramids were used as burial places for the Egyptian kings.

Ancient Egyptian art was first created to show that the king was a god. Earliest piece of art is Palette Of Narmer. Namer was the first king of the first dynasty.

Ancient Egypt public works: Ancient Egypt public works consisted of roads, canals, and temples. These public works change the life of Ancient Egyptians. The canals helped with irrigation, transportation and trade. Roads were also used for transportation and trade.

Ancient Egypt writing: Ancient Egyptian writing is hieroglyphics. There were more than 700 hieroglyphics. They used writing in a lot of places like, scribe schools, tomb walls, and at war. They also used writing to keep track of trade.

Acts Of Kindness

In my language arts class my teacher showed the class a video. The video was about a kid that wasn’t able to play basketball. But on the last game of the season the coach had him play in the game. The coach wanted him to make a shot and he did.

Here is the video

I’ve seen a lot of videos like this. But usually the other team knows to let them make a shot or to let them score. In this video the other team wasn’t told about the plan, but the other team helped out. Which helped the disabled kid make a shot.

This reminds me of a video my teacher showed me at the beginning of the year. It was a video of a guy dancing really weird and everyone was watching him and taking video’s of him. But then a another guy started to dance with him, then more and more started to come over. After that It was a whole group of people, and no one thought that that kid was weird.

The first video reminds me of this one, because My teacher told us about followers and leaders. When the the kid on the other team passed it to the disabled kid he was being a leader, and someday he’s going to have followers. It creates a chain reaction and then everyone will be doing good things.  It’s not always important to only be a leader you also need followers and I never thought of that until my teacher said it.

Here is the video

There are many ways you could be nice, or be a leader, or a follower.  Being a follower can be nice because you could make a kid feel good about them self or you could just make them feel good. How could you be kind? How have you been kind?

What Do I Do For My Class?

In language arts class I was asked what I do for my class. This question really got me thinking, because I’m not the most energetic person or the smartest. So what do I do for my class?

I may not be the smartest, but there are many things I can help with. I’m also willing to help anyone, so I am a helper. I will be friends with almost anyone, but sometimes people just don’t want to be friends with me. That doesn’t mean that I ignore them or be mean to them I just keep my distance, so I would be a good friend or someone you can trust.

I also think that I’m a leader, because people often go to me for help. Another reason is because I was told that I’m a leader, by a teacher. The teacher said that someone will always be watching me, because they see me as a leader. Another reason I am a leader is that I motivate people. Whenever I’m playing kickball at recces kids say that they suck and I tell them they don’t. Because it just takes practice and they haven’t practice much or played kickball much. If they usually don’t play kickball they’re most likely not going to do very well.

That’s what I do for my class. What do you do for your class?

The Dirt Bike That I Want

Right now all I have is a 2001 Honda CRF 70. I am way to big for it, and it’s getting old. But its still a really good bike, and they don’t even sell it anymore.  Here is what it looks like.

Image result for Honda crf 70 2001

Since I’m to big for it I Am saving up for a new one. The one I want is a 2017 Yamaha TT-R230. I want this bike, because it is big and will last me the rest of my life as long as I take care of it. It is a little to bug for me right now but I can still ride it.

Why did I choose the bike? I chose this bike because it would be a good size for me and it is a good brand. Why did I choose a four stroke? I chose a four stroke because two stroke’s wear out faster. Two strokes are faster but I would rather have a motor that last a while. What is the difference between a four stroke and a two stroke? The way a two stroke works it will go faster, and the way a four stroke works it goes a little slower.

That is the bike I have and the bike I want. What kind of bike do you have? what kind of bike do you want?

My Bratty Little Pig

Here are some more short poems that I wrote.

My bratty little pig
Is fat, stinky
Dumb, and ugly
That’s my bratty pig

My bratty little pig
Plays Xbox all day
Drinks Mountain Due
And eats Doritos

My bratty little pig
Went to school
Came home with a friend
That’s a brat too.



School is fun for some people and so fun for others. I like school. I like it because I get to see my friends and the teachers are nice. The teachers let you be as created as you want to be and sometimes make jokes about theirs students. But the jokes are nice and don’t make anyone mad or sad.

I try to be friends with almost everyone. Sometimes there are people I just can’t stand or are just mean to me. So I just don’t talk to them and they don’t talk to me. There are a few kids in my class that get on my nerves, but most of the kids are cool. Recess is pretty fun I just wish that we had better basketballs, Because the ones we have now are way to small, flat or are shaped weird. This isn’t that big of a deal to me but it still bothers me a little bit.

One thing I don’t like about my class though is that people talk a lot during class when their not supposed to. That bothers me a lot because I like to learn and we usually have a test on the things we are doing in class. One time I was absent so the day after that I had to go to Ms.Huysman’s room to do some work. The class that was in there was really quite and it was amazing. Sometimes I wish I was in that class, because it would be really easy to hear Ms.Huysman. That would make it a lot easy to learn what we had to learn. I know my science class is a lot bigger than the other classes but it could still be quieter during class. Kids talking during class isn’t just in science it happens in math pretty much every day.

I like lunch a lot, because you get to sit where ever you want and you get to talk all you want. The food is pretty good too. Sometimes its bad but when they have to make like 200 meals its hard to make them all taste good. I also like how we have a lot of time to eat.

That’s what I think about school. Do you like school?

Poetry Topics

School Is Like The State Up North. (Michigan)
School Hurts My Brain.
School Is Like Being Sick For A Year.
The Weekend Is A tiny summer.
Computers Cars Sometimes They Work Other Times They Don’t.
Video Games Are Like Your Ex, They Make You mad.
My Grade Card Is Like The Book I’m Reading.
My Pigs Left Foot.
Saltcreek Is Like Hillary. (OLD)
Teachers Make You Sad By Giving You An F.
Students Are Like Solders. Always Being Told What To Do.
Reading Is Like Your Shoes, If They Don’t Fit It Doesn’t Work.
Animals Are Just Animals.
Hate Is Like Being Rejected.
I Was So Happy When I Didn’t Fail.
I Was So Sad When My Dog Chewed Up My Shoe
Family Is Like School, You Can’t Stay Away.
When I Grow Up I’ll Be Taller.
My Mom Only Knew That I Broke Part Of The Wall.
Green Means Go
Money Doesn’t Make You Happy
I Hate It When I Run Out Of Lead
If I Was In Charge I would Give Out Free Candy
My Bratty Little Pig
I Am Older Than I Was A Second Ago
Ghost Are Like Old Lady’s
Cookies Have A Lot Of Sugar In Them
If I Was The Teacher I Would Let Every One Talk When They Want
That One Boy Ate My Donut
Smiles Are On The McDonald’s Box
Smiles Are An A+
Crying Sucks
Success Is The Key To Life
Failing Is What I Avoid
Why We Have Six Hours Of School
Why Do We Change
Why Do We Grow
Colors Are Colorful
Fall Is Football Season
French Fries Make You Fat
The Weekend Is Awesome
Monday Is Good
Thanksgiving Makes You Fat
Pumpkin Pie Is Disgusting
Saturday Is Game Day
Pencils Break